Monday, April 1, 2013

Y2K Information and Resources

Y2K Information and Resources...

What is Y2K Bug?
During Sixties to late 80s there was a extensive practice in all pc application programs to use two numbers for repreasenting a season rather than using 4 numbers. This was done to save pc hard drive and storage because these sources were relatively expensive in those times. As the season 1990's contacted experts began to realize this significant drawback in the pc program application programs. In 2000, the pcs could understand 00 as 1900 damaging all the processing perform. For example if a program function is determining distinction between two schedules, it would determine a negative number. For example distinction between 1 Jan 2000 and 31 Dec 1999 could be measured as -100 years rather than 1 day. This was a significant bug for the whole finance industry. The bug not only persisted in programs but it also persisted in the firmware being used in the components. In general this bug confronted all the significant sectors such as sources, financial, production, telecommunications, airways.

How was it averted?
Y2K bug was a simply clicking time blast for all significant pc programs. Your pc and program program organizations came out with 2000 certified operating-system and program application. IT organizations all over the globe spent immeasureable dollars to go through their entire program source code to look for the Y2K bug and fix it. Almost everybody competed around to make themselves Y2K certified before the around the corner due date. Finally when the big day came, many sources and other organizations turned off their main computer techniques and put the back-up computer techniques on perform. When time checked Jan 1, 2000, no significant problems were revealed. Almost every bank worked fine, no significant power failures were revealed, aircraft still went and the whole globe went on with its normal life.